How It Works


Cut Time From Your Search

Save hours of your time with Saved Searches & e-Alerts. Narrow down lists of homes you prefer and catalog them into categories. When you’re ready, come back on your own time and get live updates on price changes and new properties — without the hassle of searching again. Don’t have time to check back? We can instantly email e-Alerts of the latest changes from your Saved Searches.



Save Your Favorite Homes

Like a home? Favorite it! Share them with your real estate agent and ask for their recommendations on similar homes in the area. Keep track of each property and easily monitor price changes. Favoriting is your one-stop process for managing the homes you want to look at.


Stay Connected on Mobile

From your smartphone to your tablet, find homes on the go. If you see a home you like while driving around, schedule a showing on the spot. View high-res photos of the home before you step inside, and get localized information before you make any decisions. Carrington Mobile allows you to Favorite homes and Save Searches from the palm of your hand!